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My creative outlet is definitely music. I recently released my first solo song,“After All.” I also write and sing for the band The Sound of Ghosts and have for the last eight years. I use music to process intimate personal experiences and explore my thoughts and feelings on life's challenges.


I grew up in Boulder, Colorado and studied piano and flute from a young age. I then discovered my voice in high school and participated in the choir and theatre programs at Boulder High. I went to University of the Arts in Philadelphia before moving to New York to pursue musical theatre. I performed Off-Broadway and in a number of regional theatre productions before changing coasts and moving to LA. I acted in episodes of Jane the Virgin, Lopez Tonight, Guiding Light, and others. I also began teaching yoga  when I moved to LA, and have definitely found my yoga practice influencing my music and vice versa.

To hear my music, click here.

To hear The Sound of Ghosts, click here.


As a musician, music in my classes is never an afterthought.  I spend a ton of time putting together playlists for class and love what it can bring to a room. If you're looking for anything I've played in class or just want a nice playlist to jam to, all of my playlists are up on Spotify.


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