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Feeling intimidated to be in a group and learn something new?  Need more one-on-one attention to take your practice deeper? Or simply don't have time to fit a group class into your schedule? 


This is when a private class becomes a wonderful option!  They also make a fabulous gift!  We can talk about what your goals are, how you'd like to grow, and customize our sessions specifically for you!


To sign up or get more info, you can contact me at either 303.818.4342 or and we can set up a time for you to come in!!



$135 single class (1 hour session)


$650 5 class package (5, 1 hour sessions)


$1250 10 class package (10, 1 hour sessions)


$50 Skype lesson (1 hour session)



*After your introductory class, your first package is an additional 10% off.


*There is also an additional $50 off any purchase when you refer a friend who buys a package of classes.



Some additional travel costs may apply if you are outside of Los Angeles proper.

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