I'm so excited to be a teacher on and part of their growing family!


I teach a variety of classes from strong flow to gentle yoga.  Every class I teach is based on a concept that will not only help you grow physically, but also increase your self awareness and introduce you to new ways of looking at your practice.  These classes are approachable, whether you are brand new to yoga or a daily practitioner.


I hope you enjoy taking them as much as I enjoyed filming them!

I'm new to Heart Alchemy Yoga, but their classes are FREE on YouTube!



Michelle Goldstein, who I've collaborated with a number of times, is the yogi behind these videos.  She asked me to put together some classes for her channel, so I've got some beginner practices and some good cardio, fast-moving flows. 


If you need a class on the go and are looking for some great teachers with a no-frills vibe, this is the channel to check out.



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